Foundation Credit Union Is Rebranding!

Foundation Credit Union is happy to announce that we are rebranding our look this summer, bringing a fresh, new look to banking for Southwest Missouri!

Don’t worry, we’ll still have the same friendly, helpful staff and lower interest rates compared to other financial institutions in Springfield.

Take a look at what we’ve got planned!

New Colors & New Logo

Rather than red with our cursive script, Foundation Credit Union’s new logo is a stylized capital F that looks like a home. The idea is to convey that your home-based community banking institution is built on a solid foundation that lets you grow your finances.

Our new colors are teal and navy. They are relaxing colors and solid hues that stand out from other financial institutions in town. When you recognize our new logo, you’ll understand the mission behind it.

Our Mission Remains the Same

We’ve opted for a new look for our brand. 

Just because we’re moving forward, it doesn’t mean we’re leaving behind our mission.

The Core Values of Foundation Credit Union are to be the trusted provider of quality financial services that are economically competitive and to build a better community by providing a solid foundation. 

Our brand is honest,  approachable, and competitive. 

Services of Foundation Credit Union

We still offer fantastic services to meet your financial needs.

  1. Savings accounts with competitive rates, whether you’re saving for college, retirement, or a down payment on a new home.
  2. Checking accounts for everyday use.
  3. Auto loans with competitive rates for new or used vehicles, or even an RV to take on that retirement road trip you’ve been dreaming of.
  4. Home loans for your expanded home with a growing family.
  5. Agriculture loans for that new piece of farming equipment to make your operation safer and more efficient.

Join Foundation Credit Union Today! 

Like what you see? Talk to Foundation Credit Union in Springfield, MO, today. We offer membership in seven counties in Southwest Missouri. Contact Foundation Credit Union or call (417) 895-2770 for more details. 


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