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Whether you’ve incurred unexpected expenses or are saving up for something special, our skip-a-pay program is here to help. Take advantage of skip-a-pay and delay your monthly loan payment(s), all without negatively impacting your credit score. To participate, submit your skip-a-pay application!

This program allows you to defer a payment on your loan(s) for one month at a time!

A fee of 10% of the monthly payment (minimum of $25, maximum of $50)* per loan will be charged for exercising this feature.

Criteria and Restrictions

The Skip-A-Pay option is available to qualified borrowers. The deferral is not available on the first loan payment

Skipped payments may not be covered by Gap and may reduce GAP coverage. Current & past delinquency may impact eligibility.

Maximum of three monthly payments per loan can be deferred per year. Real Estate excluded.

Payments made through ACH, direct deposit/payroll deduction will be applied to your account instead of to your loan payment.

The signed request and processing fee of 10% of the monthly payment (minimum of $25, maximum of $50)* for each loan must be received by Foundation at least 10 days prior to the loan payment due date. If the loan-skip fee is unpaid, offer is void. This fee must be submitted at the time of this request.

Other terms and conditions may apply.

Please present this application
at any FCU branch, or mail to:

Foundation Credit Union
Attn: Loan Servicing Department
1726 W Elfindale St
Springfield, MO 65807

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