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Lenders will need basic contact information, monthly financial data (income, expenses, and debt payments), and your previous two years of income tax returns.

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Building Your Credit

Maintaining a good credit score is important. It can affect future borrowing power, interest rates, and your ability to secure a job. Obtaining a free credit report gives you insight as to what lenders see when requesting your credit.

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What are FICO™ Scores?

FICO™ Scores are the most widely used credit scores. FICO™ Scores are a three-digit number calculated from the data on your credit reports at the three major consumer reporting agencies- Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. Your FICO™ Scores predicts how likely you are to repay credit obligations as agreed. Lenders use FICO™ Scores to consistently and objectively evaluate potential borrowers’ credit risk.

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