Why You Should Choose Foundation CU For Your Next Auto Loan

Everyone remembers their first time on the open road in their car. Whether it was gifted to you for your Sweet 16, borrowed from mom or dad, or bought with your own money. 


There is an added layer of pleasure too, knowing you purchased your car with your own money. There is nothing like sitting behind the wheel of your brand new or used car knowing you received the best deal on the market for your vehicle. 


Foundation CU believes in this dream, and today’s blog will discuss why borrowing with us will be a specialized experience. 


Industry Competing Rates 


An incredible benefit to utilizing a local credit union for your next auto loan is the fact that smaller financial institutions can offer lower interest rates due to their status of being member-owned and government-insured. 


Most banks are accounting for private investors and stakeholders, so their interest rates are going to be higher. Here at Foundation CU, auto loan rates begin as low as 1.99% and 2.99%. 


We make sure our members are receiving competitive rates compared to other local credit unions. 


Members Are Given Priority 


Not all applicants are members–however, Foundation CU’s members are considered priority loan applicants. This is because we care about the investment our members are making into both our future and theirs. 


The ownership involved in becoming a member of a credit union ensures security for the applicant financially, but also provides the perks associated with borrowing. 


High-Quality Customer Service


Providing a personalized and highly enjoyable experience is our top priority for our local branches at Foundation CU. 


Our goal is to make sure that each person who steps through our doors is comfortable with their banking experience. 


We understand that money can be a taxing subject. We want to make sure that our members are understood and celebrated. 


Foundation CU Is Ready To Help You Find Your Dream Car


If you are interested in learning more about the borrowing and buying process involved with our auto loans, we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out to us online, or give us a call for further information at 417.895.2770.


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