Foundation Credit Union Offers Some Financial Tips To Start The New Year Right

It’s the New Year! So many people this week have made their pledges of how they’re going to turn their lives around, and do X to complete Y and finally end up at Z. We at Foundation CU think this is great! However, we implore you to take a few tips with you from our blog for the week first. In today’s blog, we’ll cover financial tips to start the New Year right. 


Don’t Spend Too Much On The New Year Party

It can be too easy to spend all of your extra resources on the New Year’s Party, especially with income tax season so close. 

However, it’s important to remember that it’s only the beginning of the year. Anything could happen, and it’s important to set aside a nest egg in preparation for it.


Be Realistic With Your Resolutions

It’s easy to be a dreamer and say you’re going to commit to a life change when your eyes are full of stars and hope from the New Years Party. Living that commitment is another story. 

Foundation CU understands that you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to. So, set it to a reasonable place of expectations first, which will ensure you are able to grow forward with your financial goals.


Watch For Debt Consolidation Opportunities

At the start of the New Year comes a lot of opportunities for debt consolidation. Minimizing your bill payments to one solid payment monthly will help you better manage your finances. 

Keep an eye out on our website for opportunities for personal loans and more. Foundation CU is known for offering agricultural loans, personal loans, credit, and auto loan assistance. 


Foundation CU Cares About Your Car Buying Experience

Our team at Foundation CU cares about your financial journey and peace of mind. If you’re seeking additional assistance with your borrowing experience or information on how to become a member of our credit union, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us online to complete our member application, or give us a call at (417) 895-2772.


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