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Fee Schedule

Welcome to Foundation Credit Union! We are pleased to provide our members with all the details about the services we offer. Read on to learn about the Fee Schedule for accounts and services at Foundation Credit Union. If you have any questions, please contact us!

Fee Schedule*

Minimum Balance$25.00
Account Closure (First 90 Days)$25.00
Account Activity Print Out$2.00 per page
Account Research Fee (1hr min)$25.00 per hour
Copy of Account Statement (research fee may apply)$3.00
Dormant Account Fee*$10.00 annually
Garnishment/Levy (plus attorney fees)$30.00
Overdraft Transfer**$3.00 per transfer
Non-sufficient Funds$30.00 per item
Returned Deposited Item$25.00
Returned Mail $5.00 quarterly
Savings Withdrawal**$3.00 per item
Domestic Wire $30.00
Check OrdersCost Varies
Copy of Paid Check$2.00 per item
Stop Payment Fee (single item)$20.00 per item
Stop Payment Fee (series of items)$30.00
Official Stop Payment Fee $35.00
Debit Card Replacement $10.00
Debit Card Rush Order $35.00
Safe Deposit Box Key Replacement $25.00
Safe Deposit Box Lock Late Fee $5.00 per month
Safe Deposit Box Lock ReplacementDrilling Cost
Safe Deposit Box Annual Rental3x5 = $15.00
5x5 = $25.00
5x10 = $40.00
10x10 = $65.00

*An account is considered dormant if for 12 months no withdrawals or deposits, other than credited dividend, have been made to the account. The fee for a dormant account is $10.00 annually. This fee will be waived if you are 17 years of age or younger or if you have an active checking account, a loan, ACH activity, or the aggregate balance in your account is greater than $500.00.

**3 free per month

Fees Subject to Change

Fee Schedule Effective 02/15/21

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