Advantages of Borrowing Money From Your Local Credit Union

Let’s face it; money is essential for all household, recreational, and business needs. However, when it comes to borrowing money or taking out a loan, everyday people want to ensure they are working with a reputable company that will not place them in a budget bind or take advantage of their financial situations. This is where Foundation Credit Union comes in. In today’s blog, we delve into the benefits of borrowing money from your local credit union. 

Less Stress and More Time


One main advantage to borrowing money from a local credit union is less stress and more time. Qualifying members benefit from quick loan approvals relieving the stress and overwhelming emotions associated with financial burdens. We offer various long and short-term loan payment plans allocating more time for borrowers to get on track with their loans if necessary. 


Increased Trust and Credit 


After loan approval, there is a level of trust between the borrower and lender. We make it easy for qualifying members to obtain their loans hassle-free through our beneficial low-interest fees and savings policies. Paying your bills on time is fundamental for increasing your credit limit and building trust with your local credit union bank. Learn more about ways you can benefit from borrowing from credit unions and what that means for your financial profile. 


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We Value Our Customers


At Foundation Credit Union, we want to help you take the following steps in your financial journey. We believe in the idea of community and assisting our members to achieve financial success. We offer personalized services like financial education training and quick agent accessibility for any questions or concerns you may have. Be a part of a team that cares about your local credit union. 




Higher Savings


Since Foundation Credit Union is not a for-profit banking company, we offer lower fees and higher savings rates on services like opening a secured savings loan. We give back to our members and offer the credit union guarantee that your funds are insured and protected. 


Lower Interest Rates


Interest rates can add up, requiring borrowers to pay hundreds or thousands more than the original amount borrowed. Local credit unions offer lower interest rates on loans that will save you money, time, and stress on exorbitant interest fees. As a credit union member, enjoy the benefits of discounts and better savings rates for any individual looking to purchase a car, home, or start a business. 


Save More With Foundation Credit Union


IIf you need to open a loan or require funds for a personal project, there is no better place to turn than Foundation Credit Union. We house various loan and savings options that will set you up for success when borrowing money. We have fair overdraft protection and fees for our online banking members. Learn more about our loan options by contacting us online or calling 417.895.2770 to reach our offices.


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