First Baby on the Way? We Can Help You Save Money With These Practical Tips

Congrats! Your little bundle of joy is on the way! 

Now what? 

That is an excellent and completely natural question. Usually the issue of money arises as a top focus as you plan for your new arrival. This is also completely understandable. 

Our team at Foundation Credit Union is here to make sure you are informed as you begin to create your budget and collect the needed materials to prepare for your child. 

Share Maternity Clothes

Many women will repurpose their maternity clothes after using them for other mothers who are in need. 

An excellent resource for gently used maternity clothing is They specialize in providing high-quality service, low wear and tear clothing, and moderate pricing. 

Ask Your Pediatrician for Free Samples

Pediatricians represent an excellent resource for new mothers, established mothers, or anyone preparing for a baby. Your pediatrician has connections to companies that you can leverage for some basic needs.

Oftentimes, pediatricians will provide free samples to mothers who need assistance when deciding what products to purchase for their new addition to their family. All a mother has to do is simply ask if her pediatrician has any baby samples of a specific product. 

A pediatrician might have free samples of:

  • Formula 
  • Baby Soap
  • Baby Shampoo
  • Lotion
  • Vitamin D and A pills
  • Nasal Saline 
  • Acetaminophen
  • Diaper Cream and Wipes 

Have a Baby Shower

The miracle of life is a big deal, so celebrate it! A baby shower can fill holes in areas where you need to fill items in your budget list. 

An excellent strategy is to create a pre-established registry for your guests to purchase from. Selecting items of moderate to low pricing that you know you’ll need will allow your guests to adequately contribute to your needs while giving you the financial room for you to purchase larger items, like a carseat or crib.

Say No

Eliminating all unnecessary expenses in your routine can help you save funds while waiting for your delivery date to arrive. Setting appropriate boundaries with friends and family on external activities is highly important. 

If an outing to Starbucks isn’t in the budget, communicate it and bring your own herbal tea to the coffee date. Small changes like this will save you  in the long run. 

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Foundation Credit Union on Staying Budget-Friendly 

Foundation Credit Union wants to help you develop a balanced financial budget. If you have future questions on budget-friendly behavior for your baby, contact us online or call 417.895.2770 for more information.


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