How to Save Money on Your Eating Plan During Your Health Journey

Many individuals are currently preparing for their summer body. Summer is when we plan for and embrace weight loss journeys and new lifestyles. Many people do not start these journeys, or hold themselves back from completing them, due to feeling worried about the money surrounding these efforts. 

Our experts at Foundation Credit Union get that! We’re here to help you prepare as efficiently as possible, so you can take the leap of staying on budget during your weight loss or health journey. In today’s blog, we’ll talk about money-saving tips to embrace while you’re on an eating plan. 

Don’t Shop While Hungry 

Grocery shopping is a beast if you aren’t used to meal prepping. Luckily, we’re here to help set some guidelines that will allow you to save both money, and time in the store. 

First, don’t shop while hungry. It’s impossible to stick to the grocery list if you’re looking for something you’re currently craving versus what you need the rest of the week.

Second, stick to the grocery list! You already have a budget and a list, so stick with you so you don’t overspend or overeat. 

Buy Whole Foods

Whole foods have the most health value, and typically a great price tag. Think of whole vegetables, whole grains, whole fruits, and more. This means eating the entire edible portion of these items.

To ensure you’re sticking to the best price when shopping for whole foods, shop for items that are in season. If you’re unsure of what is in season, stop by a local farmers market and chat up the individuals there, or seek out a store associate. 

Also, grocery shopping a few times a week instead of one large trip will help narrow down what you need as well.

Eat at Home

Remember all of that food you just bought on your grocery list? Prep it and eat it! 

It is ideal to shop for two new meals and one tried-and-true meal you have already made. This way you can expand your tastes while still having a core reliable meal each day of the week. 

Say No

You don’t have to please everyone in your life by meeting them for every happy hour. Sometimes it just isn’t in the budget. 

Learning how to respectfully set boundaries, and say no to events that ultimately will not work for your goals, is key in saving money during a weight loss journey. Saying no to an event you know will derail you from your eating plan not only saves your health journey, but also money! If you attend a happy hour with appetizers, you’re spending money that you could have saved by eating your meals prepped at home. 

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Money-Saving Tips From Foundation Credit Union

Foundation Credit Union wants to help you to develop a strong financial position, but we also understand life is about living. This is why we prioritize helping our members live life to the fullest, even if they are on a budget. If you have any other questions on tips for building your weekly budget, contact us online or call 417.895.2770 for more information on how we can help you achieve your financial dreams.


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