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Top 5 Reasons to Get an Auto Loan Through Your Springfield, MO Credit Union

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Foundation Credit Union provides a wide range of financial services, including mortgages and car loans. With interest rates supporting a buyer’s market, auto sales continue to be strong. In today’s blog from Foundation Credit Union, we talk about the top 5 reasons to get an auto loan through your Springfield, MO, credit union.

1. Pay Locally

You’ve heard of car companies that say, “Buy here, pay here.” That’s true with Foundation Credit Union. We’re a financial institution with local roots that go back to 1933. We offer membership to people living in seven counties of Southwest Missouri.

2. Interest Rates

Interest rates on new vehicles, from 2018 to 2020 model years, sits at 3.20%, as of July 2020. Used vehicles for model years 2015 to 2017 are at 4.20%. Talk to us about getting an auto loan from your Springfield, MO, credit union. We’ll discuss your options.

3. Customer Service

Foundation Credit Union prides itself on customer service. We get to know you, your name, and your financial goals. If you have any questions about your auto loan, we’re happy to answer them! That’s the beauty of being a local credit union in Springfield, MO. Your auto loan provider is in the area, and we won’t make you go through 10 different choices on an automated phone system just to talk to someone about your situation.

4. More Than Just a Credit Score

We look at more than just your credit score when it comes to an auto loan at your Springfield, MO, credit union. We’ll examine your credit history, but also your current income and payments. Did you have a financial snafu a few years ago? We won’t look at it as much because you’re trying to rebuild your credit. As your local financial institution, we can see the payments you make from your account to give us a full picture of your current situation.

5. We Work With You

What if something happens to your finances? We want you to keep making payments so you can keep your vehicle. Our employees live and work in Southwest Missouri, too. We’re your neighbors, colleagues, and friends. Because you have an auto loan from your Springfield, MO, credit union, we’ll work with you to figure out the best way forward. 

Consider an Auto Loan From Foundation Credit Union 

Like what you see? Talk to Foundation Credit Union in Springfield, MO, today. We offer membership in seven counties in Southwest Missouri. Contact Foundation Credit Union or call (417) 895-2770 for more details. 

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