Advantages of a Credit Union in Springfield MO Versus a Bank

Foundation Credit Union prides itself on serving the Springfield community and offering membership to people in seven counties in Southwest Missouri. We’ve been in business since 1933! Today’s blog discusses the advantages of a credit union in Springfield, MO, versus a bank.

People First

People come first at Foundation Credit Union. Our employees get to know you by name. Our members are also owners of the credit union, and we put you first. Part of the reason is that we’re a nonprofit organization instead of trying to make profits for stockholders. Because we put people first, our credit union in Springfield, MO, puts a primary emphasis on customer service.

More Forgiving

We understand that life happens and everyone encounters unexpected problems. If you overdraw your checking account, we’ll work with you to resolve it rather than just assess fee after fee. Talk to us about overdraft protection and how we can protect your finances when you have an account with Foundation Credit Union in Springfield, MO.

Better Loan Qualification Standards

Banks may take a look at your credit score and overall credit history when they want to qualify you for a loan. Larger, for-profit financial institutions may have more stringent qualifications for loans. At Foundation Credit Union, our employees look beyond a credit score. We’ll examine your current situation, how much you owe, how much income you earn right now, and work with you to try to get you qualified for a credit card, auto loan, or mortgage. Our credit union in Springfield, MO, wants you to live a comfortable life within your means.

Higher Interest Rates on Savings Accounts

Because we’re a non-profit, Foundation Credit Union in Springfield, MO, offers higher interest rates for savings accounts. Interest rates get even better depending on the amount you save. Look into our certificates of deposit for six months, 12 months, or 24 months versus standard saving accounts.

Lower Fees

We offer lower fees compared to a bank. See what Foundation Credit Union offers for ATMs, debit card replacements, safe deposit box rentals, and overdraft fees. We promise to be competitive as a credit union in Springfield, MO, versus a bank.

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Like what you see? Talk to Foundation Credit Union in Springfield, MO, today. We offer membership in seven counties in Southwest Missouri. Contact Foundation Credit Union or call (417) 895-2770 for more details. 


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